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After breakfast, we will pick you up and head to Arusha National Park

This small park is  a green jewel and home to the fourth highest mountain in Africa – Mount Meru (4,566 m).

Anyone visiting this park will be impressed by the breathtaking landscapes ranging from the Meru Crater in the west, the Ngurdoto Crater in the south-east to the grasslands and of course the Momella lakes in the north-east.

Arusha National Park has a rich variety of wildlife,  Common animals include giraffeCape buffalozebrawarthog, the black-and-white colobus monkey, the blue monkeyflamingoelephantlion and many other African animals. Leopard populations are present. Birdlife in the forest is prolific, with many forest species more easily seen here than elsewhere on the tourist route. 

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