As we are a locally registered charitable tour organization, we highly depend on charity & voluntary works. We offer several areas to support the community and every action is most welcome.


Tunajali Tanzania appreciates the importance of education, therefore we are connecting children of poor families to people willing to sponsor their education.


We are offering the possibility to tourists who are travelling or have travelled with Tunajali Tanzania to buy a pig. This pig will be allocated to one woman who will look after it. Once the pig delivers piglets, she can keep one and give the other to fellow women.

The idea: you help us to kick-off and we will keep you updated about how your support spreads wings and widens its positive impact independently.

How it works: you’ll provide us with 25$ one time and we’ll make sure to buy a female pig from that donation. The animal will be given to a woman in need, who will take care of it. As soon as the pig gets piglets, this woman will provide 1-2 of them to another person in need. The remaining ones can be kept by her or can be sold – the profit is hers. The woman that now got new piglet for free has to do the same thing (take care, make sure pig gets piglets, provide 1-2 to the next woman in need, sell / keep the remaining, …) etc. – so as you can see, you’ve kicked off with a one-time support and the positive impacts keeps rolling.

Our guarantee: We ensure that all profit will remain with the people in need and the community. According to our ecotour guidelines, we will also make sure that the pigs are kept in an appropriate environment always.

Your benefit:  If you wish, you can provide us with your e-mail address and we’ll keep you updated regularly about the pig you’ve sponsored and which effect it already had.


The Materuni Village Clinic was officially opened in 2017. The building was former used as kindergarden school. As there was a need for medical services, the kindergarden school was moved to Materuni Primary School and the clinic was founded instead.

There is one doctor on service, which is supported by two nurses.

It is open Monday to Friday and closed on the weekends (exception: emergencies).

  • The following services are offered: OPD (outpatient department ), reproductive services (e.g. emergency baby delivery), healthcare service (e.g. counseling about family planning, alcoholism,…)

  • most dealt diseases: high blood pressure, diabetics, asthma, ulcer, pneumonia

  • Actual issues:

    • need of special separate building for mother & new born baby (space available at the back of the actual building) to stay overnight and add further observation space

    • shortage of staff (more staff would enable them to enlarge opening hours)

    • shortage of equipment (e.g. BP-machine, diabetics-machine [to measure sugar], scale,…)

    • Building itself: proper reception (in case the separate building is founded) / renovation is needed (water-issues…) / security fence is missing


The clinic staff is doing their upmost to help the local people day by day, but – as you can see from the above – are very limited in their work due to the given circumstances.



Tunajali Tanzania cordially welcomes sponsors to move forward with the training of local people who are willing to become tourist guides. We do believe that having local people who are well trained and equipped will enable them to properly share their cultural values with the tourists who are visiting this unique cultural paradise.

Interested to help? Please contact us via “get in touch” below  and we’re more than happy to provide you with further details. Thank you so much in advance – asante sana!