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We are offering the possibility for tourists travelling with Tunajali Tanzania to buy a pig. This pig will be allocated to one local woman who will be responsible for looking after it. Once the pig delivers piglets, she can keep one and give the other to fellow local women.

The idea: you help spreads and spreads! You donate a pig to one woman and in turn this support spreads throughout the community as the pig breeds.

How it works: you’ll provide us with a $25 one-off payment and we will buy a female pig with that donation. The animal will be given to a woman in need, who will take care of it. As soon as the pig breeds piglets, this woman will provide some of them to another person in need. The woman that receives a new piglet for free has the same responsibility (take care, make sure pig breeds piglets, provide 1-2 to the next woman in need, etc.) So with one donation, the positive impact keeps rolling and rolling!

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