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Elisante Shirima

Head of Expeditions and Charity

Head of Expeditions and in charge of running Tunajali Tanzania is Elisante Shirima! Born and raised in the village of Materuni, his experiences come first hand and from the heart.Elisante is Tanzanian, well trained in handling clients and has a college degree in tourism and cultural heritage.  He understands the importance of customer care and is open minded, with years of experience in wilderness and cultural tours.  Born and raised in the village of Materuni, his experiences also come first hand and from the heart.  He knows the secrets of Mount Kilimanjaro, coordinated Kilimanjaro climbs for many years, also has already climbed and submitted several times.  Elisante speaks Kiswahili, Chagga and English.

Livingstone Mram

Head of Operations

Livingstone Mram is Head of Operations, assisting with all the projects and leading tourists up Mount Kilimanjaro!
Livingstone was born and raised on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro in a village of Marangu, he attended and obtained certificate of Tourism and he specialized on Mountain Trekking

Livingstone started to climb Mount Kilimanjaro and Meru in 2009 and is passionate about it still. Heloves the mountains and like to make connection with new people. At Tunajali, Livingstone is supporting with the operations work and also leads tourists on the Mountain.

He is a honest, flexible and hard-working person who speaks English, Swahili and Chagga.

Consolata Lulu

Head of Treasury and Charity 

Consolata Lulu is the Head of Treasury, passionate about conservation and sustainable development.

" I am 32 years old and I hold a degree in Geography and environmental studies. I am always so excited when it comes to solving issues regarding nature. I have worked for a bank for almost 7 years as a client relationship supervisor in the credit department, issuing small loans to local entrepreneurs so that they can improve their living standard. I always dreamed to work for the community and that is why I am committed to work with Tunajali Eco Tours so that I can complete my mission of helping nature and community through charity work for sustainable development." 


Hashimu Japhari

Village Tour Manager


Hashim is a Tanzanian graduate of the University of Dodoma in Tanzania.

In 2008 he entered the school of Humanities at the University of Dodoma and in 2011 he was awarded the Bachelor of Arts in tourism and cultural heritage.

Prior to university studies he was the Swahili Poet, he has vast knowledge on Swahili culture and language.

Recently he has involved himself in the tourism industry because of his passion of sharing cultural experience with people of different origin.


Emmanuel Marick

Village Day Trip Guide

Emmanuel is one of the best local tour guide at Materuni Village.


He is known for his ability to manage and guide the large groups of visitors.


He is knowledgeable on coffee cultivation, history and coffee processing.


He has been a very professional and experienced tour guide for over 6 years, specializing on day trips.


Allen Enock

Village Day Trip guide


Age - 30 

Tribe - Pare 

Origin - Hebaru region


Allen used to be a Tinga Tinga painting artist (it's a traditionnal Tanzanian painting)

He became a skilled tour guide about 2 years ago, and he is now well known in Materuni, where he is always very appreciated by all visitors. 

Allen has been previously working in hotel management in Bagamoyo. Later, he moved to Moshi and then travelled to Spain for a month where he could experience European culture. 


Allen truly loves his work as a village tour guide in one heart with his fellow tour guides. 

Brasius Deus

Mountain and Day Trip guide


Age - 26

Tribe - Sukuma 

Origin - Mwanza region 

Deus' dream has always been to find a job related to culture and people. He loves meeting people of different culture and origin.


He moved to Kilimanjaro 10 years ago and started to work as Kilimanjaro porter and then as a village guide in Materuni.


Deus is honest, smart, committed, loves his job and he is always happy to meet new people. 

Deus holds a Certificate in Tour guiding from Musoma Utalii College and a Certificate in Mountain guiding from Mweka Wildlife College

Godwin Makwaiya

Mountain Guide


Age - 28

Certified nurse and midwife

Certified mountain guide

Certified wilderness first responder

Godwin started in 2008 as a porter on

Kilimanjaro and shortly after became

a very competent guide.

He speaks fluent Swahili, English

and Japanese, and he has

a good knowledge of Chinese language. 

He also knows a lot about astronomy. 

His other interests are cycling, running and hiking.


He likes his job as he always wants to get close to nature and also meet new people from all around the world.


Khatibu Kazi

Safari Guide


Age - 37


Khatib is a professional safari tour guide. 


He has been a safari guide for nine years; 

and he has also been trained in first aid.


He enjoys working in the different National Parks.

For him, the most mportant things is to meet

people and get different experiences in each park.


Melkyory Akaro

Village Day Trip Guide

Age - 20

Tribe - Chagga 


 Melkyory is a young and strong boy aged 20.

He is the one of the best upcoming local tour guide, specialized on day trips to Materuni waterfalls and Kikuletwa hot spring. Born and raised in a Chagga family, he has a full knowledge of  Chagga cultural information.


Mama Agness Shirima

Materuni Village Local 


Born and raised at Materuni village on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro, Mama Agness is very skilled in agriculture and animal farming at Materuni.


Her experience on meeting with people of different cultures has turned her home into the main destination for visitors of Materuni Village.

Mama Severa Materu

Materuni Village Local 


Severa lives at Materuni village on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro.


She has been remarkable for cooking the tasty hot Chagga foods at Materuni village for more than 6 years and the visitors always enjoy her cookings.

She has vast experience on cooking for small and large groups of visitors.

Matrona Mauki

Materuni Village Local

This charming and hard working lady was born 42 years ago in Moshi.


She is now living at Materuni village.


She works with Mama Severa Materu at Mama Agness Shirima's house assisting on cooking delicious Chagga food.

Agrey Shao

Mountain Guide


Age - 30

Tribe - Chagga

Origin - Kilimanjaro region 


Agrey grew up in a typical Chagga family. 

He started climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in 2009 as a porter, and in 2012 he obtained a mountain tour guide and first aid license from Mweka College of Wildlife Management.

He truly likes his job because it gives him the opportunity to meet people from different culture and background and share experience with them. 

Lameck Massawe

Safari Guide


Age - 36

Nickname - Safari Man


 Lameck has devoted his life working as a safari guide for over 10 years in Arusha and Kilimanjaro regions. 


He is always happy with his job, and all reviews about him are absolutely positive.  


Lameck holds a Diploma on tour guiding,

On top of that, he speaks fluent Swahili and English.

Emmanuel Msangi

Safari Guide 


Age - 38

Emmanuel lives in Arusha region.


He has been a professional and multilingual safari guide for over 15 years. He works in different national parks particularly Ngorongoro, Serengeti, Manyara, Tarangire, Arusha, and Kilimamjaro park, amongst others.


He speaks fluent German, Italian, English and Swahili.


Mountain Cook

Hassan is one of the best mountain cook. 


He often works hard on his job to ensure the clients enjoy the nutritious and balanced diet for the hiking.


He has been devoting himself to mountain climbers cooking services for several years. 


Elia Joseph Mzava Elia

Mountain Cook


Age - 40 


Elia likes the mountain and dedicated his life to work as a mountain cook.


He has good experience on cooking the nutritional food for the mountain hikers. He lives at Himo in Moshi town.


He loves his job very much and he climbed the Mount Kilimanjaro over 150 + times.

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