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"During my time as a volunteer at Tunajali, I lived with Consolata and Elisante's family in Moshi. For me, both living with a host family and Moshi as location were perfect. Moshi is a small and manageable city, where you can already find your way around after a few days with a little sense of orientation. By living with a host family, I was always " right in the middle" and got to know and participate in everyday life. It was real and authentic and I always had a lot of great people around me. You might come as a stranger but you definitely leave as a friend and family member.

For me the time was very exciting and enriching, I had a lot of fun and gained great experiences. It also changed my view and mindset on many things. I don't want to miss a single day or experience that I have gained.

Since Tunajali is still a very young and small NGO, everything is very familiar and without difficult structures. As a volunteer, you have the opportunity to bring in your own ideas and realize them, which I enjoyed."

 Laura, 31, Germany - 2021 volunteer









"My time as a volunteer at Tunajali was stunning. I’ve learned so much, had tons of fun, made experiences that will last & changed my view on life in some parts. I can only highly recommend to take this opportunity – you won’t regret it. For me it feels like I came as a tourist and leave as a family member.

I’m more than happy to share my experience – just use the ‘get in touch’ below and the team will put us in contact."

 Marlene, 30, Germany - 2020 volunteer

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