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                                                                                     ROLINA'S FAMILY (children's home)

The name "Rolina" is a combination of the first names of the founders, or as it is more accurate, the first names of dad Rosemin and mom Paulina.  They never had a specific plan to open a children's home, but it has developed over the years. The story of Rolina began years ago, when Rosemin saw a sick boy on his own in the streets of Moshi. With some effort, he built trust with the boy. Finally, he took this boy to a doctor so that he could get the treatment he desperately needed. After that, the boy came to his home and he stayed. Since that time, Rosemin was contacted more often when someone knew of an orphaned or neglected or injured child in the area. 

This is how the family of Paulina, Rosemin and their two biological sons started to grow. Currently, about 35 children and young adults between the ages of 7 and 23 live at Rolina's home in Kwa Sadala near Moshi. To speak of a children's home or an orphanage does not really fit here, it is more like a huge extended family where people love, laugh, dance, sing and sometimes also argue. It’s not always easy to live together with so many people therefore everyone has his or her own tasks and has to help in some way. Everyone is very independent and busy.

Angel (a young woman of the neighborhood) comes almost every day to help with household and cooking. But Angel (the name fits really good) is so much more for many of the children: big sister, friend and person of trust.


Some of the "kids" who grew up at Rolina's still live nearby today in their adult years and come by regularly, some almost daily. 


A very special and important place for all family members is their own little church nearby. This is where church services are held, singing, dancing and praying together. Everyone is welcome here, whether friends or neighbors. Faith plays a very important role for the whole family. But even if you are not, or perhaps not yet, so religious or do not live out your own faith strongly, you are very warmly welcome.


The conditions and the facilities are quite simple, but everything is there that is really needed. It is often not easy to take good care of everyone. But Paulina and Rosemin do everything they can to make sure that all their children are provided for, have enough food and feel safe, because that is what they have made their life's work. And as Rosemin often says: you don't need much, except love, because LOVE COVERS EVERYTHING.

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